More ram or gpu?

i don't have a ton of  money to spend on a gpu, will a over clocked Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz plus 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1866 Memory play most of my games, bioshock infinite, saints row 3, skyrim, borderlands(1&2),and dishonored ? or do i have to have a gpu to make these games decently playable ??

cpu is fine, your ram is a bit overkill (i am currently running the same ram). I've noticed i dont really ever go above 4gbs of ram in use when i game.  8 is the default minimum most people use.  if you are worried about what gpu to run those games smoothly. check either the teks youtube page or linustechtips and they will have bench marks for most of those games

If you want to game on a budget, you want AMD. If you want integrated graphics, you specifically want a 6800k (or wait a month and buy Kaveri). Without a dedicated GPU, it will beat anything Intel makes right now at games, and it's cheaper. Use the savings to buy 2133mhz RAM. You only need 8 gigs.

Or, for about the price of that i5, you could get an FX-4300 and R7 260X. That's a dedicated card and would be your fastest option. Then DDR3-1600 would be plenty.

I would recommend a FX8320 an Asus 990fx evo, 2x4gb of ram (8gb total) and a beefy gpu such as a gtx 770

ram speed doesnt affect games. maybe 1-5 fps and if you are hurting for that drop money in a new gpu

on amd i have a laptop that is amd powered and it takes 30 mins to boot so im not interested in amd if it was free 

and within a year i plan on adding to my build as i get more money to throw at it so it's not so much hurting, it's more budget for now 


That would be solely due to your HDD, not your CPU. *cringe*

If you wish to even play those games, the integrated graphics on the intel chips will not suffice (unless you call 10 fps 720p lowest settings playable). Spend less on your CPU and RAM, and get a GPU.

You only need 8GB of RAM at around 1333MHZ, having anything more is kind of unnecessary for gaming and won't improve performance in gaming by much more that 1 FPS.

What would the overall budget be for this build?

this is what im trying to build 

wasting money in wrong places......

processor if your going intel its what ever all of their shit is within $50

cooler if u dont plan on oc'ing and with your knowledge i really hope u dont stock cooler will be fine (save $100ish)

ram- drop down to 8Gb a 1600ish (save you $50)

mobo-  get one without dedicated graphics (save you $25)

hard drives- get you a 1tb hybrid hard drive youll get the boot time of a ssd but the capacity of a hhd for $100 (saves you $50)

case- fine

p/s- fine

if u dont have a 4gb flash drive get the optical drive if not you can creat a LEGAL bootable usb

graphics card get something i saved u around $200 you can get a decent gpu thatll play atleast med settings on all those games at 1080p


@william123098  glad we are on the same page bro



Details on that laptop? Is it 15 years old or something? It sounds broken.