More RAID 0 Issues

So I have aquired the same motherboard as the one that died, but since I wasn't the one who set up the original RAID I hae no idea what settings they used so how would I go about figuring those out to set up a new RAID and retrieve the lost data. 

Maybe it's just me but I'm not really sure what you're trying to say. You might want to rephrase the question. There is slim to no chance of rebuilding a RAID 0 volume unless you're using the exact same hardware as before. Even then it's still dodgy territory. What motherboard / RAID card are you using?

I am trying to retrieve data from a prebuilt computer after the mobo died and with dell's limited product information it makes it very difficult. So I have gotten an identical motherboard and am now wondering what is to be done next?

Ok, there should be a Setup Ultility much like your BIOS menu, it's usually accessed right after POST.

Firstly though make sure RAID is enabled in BIOS, otherwise you won't get the prompt to enter the utility at all... Without the exact model number I don't know what the button combo will be, but I do know for Intel controllers it's Ctrl + I; Marvell Ctrl + M and Gigabyte Ctrl + G. Hopefully once RAID is enabled in BIOS you'll get an on screen prompt after POST telling you what it is.

Once you get into this utility there are only a few options, but they are going to have to be exactly right. If it's Intel it should probably detect the old volume, maybe say that its degraded, which is fine, if so just try and save and exit. If all goes really well then at this point it'll boot. If it was degraded then in the background it will be rebuilding the volume, if this is the case leave the computer running as long as possible to do so, you're talking about an hour for every 100GB for HDD's. You'll know it is if the drives are constantly busy, or by installing the appropriate software. You can shutdown during a rebuild but try let it finish in one sweep.

If you get into the utility and the old volume is not detected then things are not looking so good, exit and DO NOT save any settings. Let me know if this is the case and I'll try walk you through what steps to take from there.

Good luck!

I can't even access the bios it goes straight into aptio set up utility right after post. 

NVM I just had tochange it frI'm ache to RAID and it auto detected. Thankyou for your help. :)

Now for the slow process of copying I've hundreds of gigabytes of data. 

I just realised I'm not receiving email notifications so I forgot all about this thread. So all is fine then? Good stuff!

Yeah it's all fixed thanks for the help :)