More PSU Rails/Amps to Prevent System Crashes?

I have owned my computer for over one and a half years. Throughout that time I have experienced random crashes in high load games that bring my computer to a solid halt. The crashes cause both of my monitors to display a pale burgundy colour and that all too familiar constant bass white noise. I have to hold the power button down when it crashes to reboot my computer, as the restart button does not respond.

The crashes generally occur when my GPU is under full load and the CPU above or close to 50% usage.

I have a SIlverstone Strider Plus 600W PSU, GTX 660 Ti @ stock clocks and i7 3770(non-k) at stock clocks. My cooling is good and my components do not rise above 75 degrees Celsius.

Twenty minutes of googling to find the answer to my problem resulted in what the thread title suggests.

My brother has similar problems and we have the same PSU, although he has an XFX R9-280X and an AMD 8320.

Can anyone give me any answers? I can provide more information about my system if it helps. :)

Thanks in advance.

Not very likely to be the power supply, and when such patterns come up on a hung screen (or while gaming) it's usually a problem with the graphics card. Though it could certainly be some other central part. Try some other graphics card in that system first to see if it behaves the same.

I swapped my 660 Ti out for my brother's old 560 Ti and have had no problems.

Thanks, I am waiting for an opportunity to put in a more power-hungry card. My buddy has two 770's, I wanna go over and see what happens with one of them.


Thanks, mkk. You helped stop myself from irrationally buying a new PSU. :)

Glad to share from some experience. Hope your system runs well with a 770.