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More of a general request really

Am currently reading this for example:

And while i grasp enough to have… some idea of what i’m being told, it’s really that; just enough, barely.

Again, this is just an example, but more and more often -as the pace increases- we’re being introduced to newer tech and/or applications or refinements.
And nobody explains, not indepth. I know what i’m meant to “believe”, and i’ve been around long enough to have… some understanding (and a whole lot of cynicism, lol). But i have no one to explain; i mean explain, not gloss over; no one that i trust that is.

So to the request, lol…
Can we have a monthly(?) thing, where you guys make a vid that covers certain purely technical topics that no one else does? Not really that is? Think of it as shaping or err, redefining our expectations, realistic and practical being key terms.
I know a lot can be found here, yes; but it gets buried.
(put differently? Do please consider just how many youtube channels exist for the surface level stuff and how many that arm one with the knowledge required to perceive said surface; i know yours has that capacity, so i’d very much like to see it realised please. News are… fun to watch, but honestly? A waste of this channel’s potential)

Edit: If not obvious, i’m -indirectly complimenting- asking you because i know you have the background to do this; or more to the point, that from a certain category of Youtubers, you’re the only ones capable of this. And it’s sorely needed. Am out of topic verging here, but you may consider just how many channels offer the exact same ‘content’, consisting of pretty much the exact same tools used for the exact same goal, the sole factor for choosing being, literally, whose personality/face you like to look at the most; diminishing returns reached and exceeded.
This is where i would also wonder aloud something i’ve been inwardly pondering for quite some time, lol, ie what’s stopping you from taking the channel to where it could go, but…

Anyway, thank you for reading and as always, apologies for the wall-o-text.
In before a million edits, lol


I LOVE that idea.
I’m trying to get such information daily. On several subjects. I’m looking for a lot of Dev Talks on various subjects and try to pull information together.
For everything Security News wise, i feel like Security Now does a decent job for my weekly intake. Steve Gibson does a decent job of striking a balance between news and going fairly indepth for me.

For more Techy stuff, i’d love to get videos that go really indepth into a certain Technology or such. And i too feel like L1T would be the channel i’d look for such stuff.

To get some more productive input:

  1. I’d be happy to pay/donate a certain amount for such content to happen. Not sure if this would necesarily have to be on YT either. I’d look at it like or such. A Recource to get a great understanding of the inner workings of something.
  2. Maybe we could come up with a “Topic Thread” where suggestions for interesting Topics are made and maybe even voted upon. That way interested can be measured.
  3. I don’t think this would have to be a “regular” show (though it would be nice). Just, when there is time for it and a topic is particularly interesting.

In the end, i’m not sure how possible this is. A lot of tech now is really complicated and explaining it would take a lot of pre-knowledge to understand. I feel like this could easily end up in needing a 3 hour Video just to explain the basics.
Add to that, that often, Tech is proprietary and getting actual info on it can be coupled to an NDA or such, I don’t know if many interesting topics can even be discussed as deeply as we’d like.

I really enjoyed the Talos Review and the explanations around Power9. I’d really enjoy a Video explaining PowerPC vs x86 vs RISC maybe. I feel like L1T already does a great job touching such subjects when the Product in question lends itself to do so.

And yes, i also consider L1T to be at the top out of all the Tech youtubers i watch. One of the channels i truely trust with their opinion. Plus @wendell has such a great way of explaining stuff.


Thank you for chipping in :slight_smile:

Am not sure if you used ‘security’ as a mere example or if it is indeed that high up your personal priority list;
I would therefore only reply (to this specifically) by saying that focusing on any a one, single factor at the expense of all others is a bit detrimental and on top, implies a much more targetted audience. A much more targetted audience entails a number of things, such as prior knowledge, focus on certain factors and certain factors alone, specific/esoteric demands, etc etc; meaning that apart from a literally smaller audience (less views), one is also forced to forgo what may -for said specialised audience that is- constitute generalities but for others, self included, may well be terra nova :slight_smile:
(also, it doesn’t matter who may or may not be doing this already; what matters is that L1 has a certain… ‘presence’ by now and/or has earned a certain level of recognition; and, as stated, within said same levels of recognition? No one does this, at all. Hence the OP)

You mention the Talos and (not) coincidentally, it too is a perfect example of the above; frankly it kinda went over my head.
Sure it sounds… interesting-up-to-great, but…

  • do i need custom signed protocols? What the F are they for anyway, as far as a consumer may be concerned? Practically speaking? 'Cause the impression i have thus far is that excluding borderline paranoid folks, this has nothing to do with me? Has it?
  • I hear of a non-x86 architecture and then Linux… i thought the one issue with non-x86 was the need for a different OS? Is that false?
  • What could i do with… that? What are its uses for me? (am guessing none, but am clueless, so i’d like more info)
    I could go on, but you get the picture.
    (please don’t answer to the above, no need to take this off topic; if i want to know more about the Talos, i’ll ask in a separate thread.)

Check the Talos views; consider what i just typed, and then see if maybe there’s a correlation :slight_smile:
Nice tree… i think… Wendell seems excited, i’ll take his word for it i guess.
Now could someone show me the damned forest ^^

Edit: For a lot of people here, the x86 question in specific might seem surprising. It’s not; the more you know, the more you take for granted; the more you take for granted, the less people that follow you because you go over their heads.

that type of information is better suited for an article than a video

the views on such obscenely dry content will be abysmal

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Both where just examples.

Agreed to a point. In my specific case, i get such content from other channels. And that isn’t a problem other than dicovery. But i might be an outlier in that regard.
Heck, i watched a 90 Minute documentary about the history and craftsmanship in Tatami mats. 90 Minutes on Japanes floor tiles, and i found that damn interesting. No clue why it got recommended to me, but it was well worth my time. But most people aren’t looking for such stuff on Youtube…

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I don’t think so honestly;

You publish it the day NDA lifts for Ryzen 4000 or RTX super-duper 3000 point 1 (pre-Super), sure i guess :slight_smile:
On any normal w/end though? Why not?

It doesn’t have to be an encyclopedia made to fit into one video, it’s meant to be the exact opposite; one topic that is covered, explained and shown where/how it applies, in practice. There are countless buzzwords out there that are all the rage but precious few of us really grasp.
I wouldn’t underestimate the power of curiosity.

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I like that idea, a lot!

Then maybe have an article and a short video giving an overview to funnel people over from YouTube to L1?


I think an article with a youtube plug is definitely the way to go.

Maybe a very high level overview in the video, but once you get down into the weeds on these sorts of subjects, you often need to re-read a concept over several times and/or look closely at diagrams, etc. for it to “click”.

Also they’d be a very difficult video to make and the views probably wouldn’t support it :smiley:

I say just plug it in the weekly news video(s), or as above just a very short “hey we made a thing! check it out here!” video.

I would prefer this over a plug in the news.
Else it will get lost.


Yeah you’re probably right.

Watching L1 news, interesting as it is, is a fairly significant time investment.

I never watch the L1 news :slight_smile:
Just don’t see the point really, it’s a (very, bery bad) trend by now, this… regurgitating; some copy other people’s work, paste it in text elsewhere, some will read it out loud, but, same thing.
Well, unless you’re illiterate i guess; could see a value there.

I watch L1 when they bother to do the work themselves. Chances are i will learn something (that i wouldn’t have elsewhere, this is the whole point) and that i do value; a lot.
Which kinda led me to this because the buzzwords are easy, but you watch a channel long enough, you start to grasp who knows and who doesn’t.

So yeah, i’d like to know more :wink:

  • Twelve days later huh… latency i swear!