More ISP Shennanigans

Just found this article - don't know where it should go.  Sounds like the kind of thing to be discussed on the tek...

Basically Level 3 ("one of the world’s largest providers of “transit,” or long-distance internet connectivity") shows their graphs of connection congestion and dropped packets.  They show that some ISPs are indeed slowing peoples' connections - and they not only want customers and content providers to pay for it, they want Level 3 to pay for it as well!

It seems as if these providers have a God-complex and think they can piss all over the internet and make everyone else pay for it. 

Hope maybe Wendell and Logan pick this up and despair over it if they haven't seem this already!


Are you talking about Shennanigans?


Lol, anyway, just further details about what we already knew they were doing.  Things are heading a bad direction.

True - we can safely assume they're trying to hold everyone at gunpoint.  I just thought their graphs were interesting.