More IoT issues: Researchers hack Philips Hue smart bulbs from the sky

Security researchers in Canada and Israel have discovered a way to take over the Internet of Things (IoT) from the sky.

Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but the researchers were able to take control of some Philips Hue lights using a drone. Based on an exploit for the ZigBee Light Link Touchlink system, white hat hackers were able to remotely control the Hue lights via drone and cause them to blink S-O-S in Morse code.

That's right WAR FLYING !!!

And if anyone is Interested here is a video from Black Hat about these things

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I can't say that I'm not impressed but the level of security of IoT devices baffle me. I don't want to know what might happen to someone targeted that's using a complete security system based on IoT cameras, lockers and so on.

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Damn, that means I am going to have some lame people driving past my house at all hours of the night turning on/off my lights. This is literally the next generation of Ding Dong Ditch.

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Maybe those IoT door locks suddenly open and close... Or worse, Your Toaster tries to make you a Venti Iced Coffee?!!!