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Moonlighter crashing

So the game has crashed a few times now and twice it made my computer all screwy so I had to restart it.

I noticed for whatever reason it is anally penetrating my pc but there’s no reason it should, it’s a pretty simple game.

My PC:

Is the game just poorly optimized or whatever? Is epic games up to some shady shit or something?

It’s buggy, then again my PC isn’t the most stable, maybe

The only games I’ve played on it were the 3 Arkham games and moonlighter and it’s bugged out on all of them and all of them are known to be buggy on pc

What’s the PC specs


Not enough information, in what manner is it crashing?

Sorry from Kentucky so I can’t read lol

Should not be using 99% GPU on a 980
What does msi afterburner say on you usage

I just get a black screen for a minute or 2 with the music still going most of the time, sometimes after it crashes my computer does weird shit like not wanting my second monitor to work or starts closing other windows that aren’t the game, that’s only happened twice though

My game kept crashing but none of that stuff aside for the music kept playing

I’m pretty sure my 770 might just be a bit touched though

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