Moonlight for ElementaryOS

My school system uses Silverlight. Well, that's not available (atleast it won't work properly) for Linux. I did some research and I found a website called "". So apparently Moonlight is the Silverlight for Linux. 

When I head over to the downloadpage, there are versions for windows, osx, solaris, opensuse and other. ElementaryOS isn't there. When I click on other ElementaryOS still doesn't show up, but Ubuntu does. 

ElementaryOS is based off of Ubuntu I believe (is that a correct sentence? English isn't my native language, so I would really appreciate it if you correct my mistakes, thanks). 

My question is, will Moonlight work for ElementaryOS if I download and install the Ubuntu version? 

Thank you

yes. ElementaryOS is a ubuntu (10.10) based distribution so it will install in the same way. i have had a quick look and its too bad there's not a .deb for this ( as i am lazy ).  On top of this the Mono project does not provide binary downloads for Moonlight; however, packages for most Linux distributions can be found online, either in official distro package repositories, or provided by popular third-party repositories.  i.e in Synaptic from the badgerports repository any more info contact the Debian Mono team as they maintain Moonlight and Mono on Ubuntu, their email is  [email protected]  [email protected] their is also alot of help on their irc channel 

What is a .deb ? Why are binary downloads important? 

What do you recommend to install, so that I'm able to visit my school stuff?

Let's see if I can explain this in a way that anyone can understand. A .deb is a file like a .exe is for Windows. Just a program that will run on your computer. 

As for the specific download you will need, it will be under Ubuntu. 

What does deb stand for? Is it an abbreviation? 

Good, is Moonlight the recommended replacement for Silverlight? Do you know something about that?