Mont Blanc panorama becomes the world’s largest ever photograph at 365 gigapixels

You zoom in at full resolution. It's rather impressive.

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How the hell do you merge all of that together?
Nasa's computer?

nitpicking but shouldn't this be the "largest photo of the world" because it isnt the largest in the world.

Not that its any less impressive. :)

Did I?

Oh no, not me!

An international team led by photographer Filippo Blengin publishes an enormous 365 gigapixel panoramic photograph of Europe’s highest mountain setting a new record for the world's largest photo

Post-processing and stitching the 46 terabytes afterwards took two months, and the resulting image would be as large as a football pitch if printed out at 300dpi.


for reference that image is 633 times greater then the theoretical resolution of the human eye which is 576megapixels.

I think a little poop just came out. Wow, just wow......