Monoprice Stereo Hybrid Tube Amp with Bluetooth - Review | Tek Syndicate

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Lol I got mine for $33 on MONTHS...

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Awesome. Glad to see it was helpfu.

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GTA V Drops 48% & Acer Budget Gaming Laptop $450

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Its definitely an...

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GTA V Drops 48% & Acer Budget Gaming Laptop $450

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Someday yet I'll learn to speak audiophile

Also logan got a lot thinner, and hairier

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I'll never shave that thing off :3

How big is the full time TS staff? I have never seen this guy (other than his beard of course)!!!

Didn't like the hardware canucks style intro...

The rest of the review was very nice though.
Is that... is that agent beard?

"ah, the taste of the blood of my enemies"

What a voice, and cool product. Wish it was beefier, have some hungry ass speakers, 75w RMS @ 4 ohms, currently only running them at 8ohms/50w, which they are fine with.

I Actually designed a Similar amp in College. (no I am not joking or just saying that.)

Good overall design of an amp.

Loved the video guys and well i guess a welcome is due to Rooster as full time team member? i missed that magnificent beard of his!

Pick up a book on wine tasting and apply it's language to audio hardware.

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I don't mind this Rooster guy, but I'm looking forward to seeing a bit more of his personality come out in future videos since this felt just a bit like he was trying too hard to imitate Logan. The speech patterns can't be that similar in real life.

I like the intro-polish, it didn't seem over the top, but maybe just a little out of place. Maybe splitting up the beauty shots between the beginning and end would have made it feel a bit more natural, because the outro did seem to role in a little quicker than normal.

Cool product showcase, would have appreciated an actual tear-down though since presumably that wouldn't have been too difficult. Being able to see the solid state components along with the tubes would have been neat and provided some useful insight for the serious audiophiles in the audience.

for music il stick with analog. because all this effort to reclaim something that isnt there just seems like a waste of time, effort and money to me.
il stick to my linn sondek, nad amp and mission 700's.
oh and 1 other thing... the fancy cables braided?. id rather it was low impedance.
analog for the win... :)

Not a bad setup. I had a NAD amp for awhile until my crappy apartment's lack of grounded outlets fried it. Fortunately my dad was getting rid of the an older Denon preamp at the time.

Analogue's "superior" quality isn't a question of lost information, it comes down to the fact that with an analogue master the timing-resolution is beyond basically any codec we've got now. The human ear can pick up on differences in timing much more precisely than it can recognize actual audio "resolution."

Timing between the left and right channel is what I mean.

I was more fascinated by the illuminated key caps on his keyboard. Where would you get those?

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Showing sold out on monoprice, at least for the amp by itself till 11/12/15. =(

Thats realy a nice looking pre amp.
i realy like the retro looks of it.
And tube amps realy have a great clear warm sound indeed.
I realy like tube amps.

Also a very cool first review Rooster, welcome to the team.

Thanks :D

Very nice intro. Bravo. I would have liked it if the transition at 0:24 was a bit more seamless audio wise but otherwise it was excellent, shots, lighting and all. Also like what you did with the audio balance for the rest of the review. This is actually my favourite intro since the one from Computex this year.

I would have loved a more thorough review of the unit. Most of the information in this video I could have guessed myself, also I did not hear any real downsides (except for the power and warmth and glossy finish which I could have found out from a bit of digging online). This is a thing Logan suffers from too unfortunately in his hardware reviews and I would hope you would take notes from Wendell. I know Wendell's reviews are not the best but he seems to go more in deep with the products.

If you're having a hard time finding things to talk about a product then compare it to another product in the same category preferably and add positives and negatives to each, at least we would be able to find out some nuances we where not aware before.

Hope my 2 cents helps in some way. I'll be expecting more killer intros from you and hopefully better reviews. Cheers!

This was fantastic! the shots and lighting were awesome, and i've never seen this guy before (maybe because I'm a loser) but he was great!!!!

Absolutely great addition the the team! Decent review I did miss some tube action tho :)