Monitors, power monitors and monitoring the power of monitors

Probably the wrong place to say this but given the fact every monitor assembler / manufacturer says their special off the shelf grab bag of parts they shove into a monitor housing and call the best display tech since card punch technology was phased out I want to talk about monitor power consumption numbers.

If these companies are going to call dark grey to slightly lighter grey 1ms response times or do some other shenanigans with accepting high frequency inputs but being only capable of updating the panel at anything less than the advertised speeds and nobody (with power) calling them out on it how can we know that 24 watt OLED panel is actually 24 watts?

I should probably buy a wall wart power meter and test some stuff myself but why its it not a common practice to actually test the energy usage of a monitor against the manufacturers claims? Testing actual response times seems like a no brainer only a few outfits ever seem to try but testing power consumption (at calibrated colour profiles???) seems like another no brainer?

A cheap home use power analyzer (Kill-A-Watt) test would be a good test to do.

I don’t think it is worth buying lab power analyzers though.