Monitors, Monitors, Monitors

So i have a question and request, can you guys do an over view of the Specific Monitors you guys use day to day and why? Color Sharpness? Pixels per inch? Size? number of monitors?


and aside from that i would love to see a bit more monitor videos like you guys once did with the korean 2560x1440 ones long ago.


would be awesome!!

btw if you had to pick one for multi use ( gaming?, web browsing?, Productivity? ) in a scale of 1 to 10 what would be the 3 score in each of this setups: -->

1.- One 1920x1080p ( inches? 24? )

2.- two 1920x1080p

3.- three 1920x1080p

4.- one 2560x1440p (inches? 27? )

5.- two 2560x1440p

6.- three 2560x1440p

7.- one Ultra Wide 2560x1080p ( inches? 29? 32? )

8.- one Ultra Wide 2560x1440p

9.- one Ultra Wide 3440x1440p

10.- Two Ultra....... do we even need two of the Ultra Wide ones? lol


anyone can give their opinions on the 1 to 10 questions and input new ones 11 +.

I'm loving my xstar dp2710 (one of the Korean 1440p panels). I wouldn't get pixel perfect though, as I paid for pixel perfect and got 6 dead pixels and dream seller only offered me $30 (the premium over the standard was $40+import fees) :/

Agreed, I would love to see some more Monitor overviews!


I'd like to have either 3-1080p. No larger than 23". 

or maybe just one of the ultra wide 21:9 type monitors. The 29" one. You can split the UltraWide monitor into two 5:4 ratio split, or something like that I believe.

I personally can't say which multi-monitor setup I would get if money was not an issue. I would certainly have one 24" in portrait.

Probably something like this:

24" 1920x1200 IPS in portrait mode for web browsing and coding.

27" 2560x1600 IPS for productivity and watching stuff.

27" 1920x1080 TN with high refresh rate for gaming


Right now I have two U2312HMs, one in portrait and one in landscape. I am satisfied enough with them, but there's definitely room for improvement.

I will be going for option 9 later this year with the LG 34UM95 34", currently I'm on 3x 24" 16:10 IPS 5760*1200 but those monitors are getting old and one may soon fail.

I have 4 DELL 24"  1920x1080 monitors side by side for work. I find I only really work on the two centre monitors and check emails on the left most monitor and normally just have long running processes on the right side monitor. 

If I am remoting into a server and fixing something in production at the same time as testing it locally I might use all 4 but if you are looking at how much value I get out of the extra monitors I think the value drops off a fair bit after the third monitor. That said if I could fit an extra two graphics cards and find some screen stands I would add an extra rows so I could have 8 screens