Monitors, Keyboards? For new GAMING rig

Hello, I have been desiding parts on my first gaming rig build. I don't have a HUGE budget, and the computer I want to build is around 1500$ I found an monitor, keyboard, but they are sort-of expensive. I want to get a good SINGLE monitor, possibly 22" to 27" screen. I also need a keyboard (with numb pad). Please help me, rather by recommending brands, or specific items.

well go Monitor Makers are Ben Q, Asus, Samsung, LG, ViewSonic (not too sure on them)... so if you go with one of those youll most likely be getting a decent Product, Ive had and LG and am Currently using a Ben Q monitor and both have performed flawlessly. 

As for Keyboard, there are quite a few discussion Threads on them, But Logitech, Razer and Zowie are ringing off the top of my head, along with Cooler Master and Thermaltake for good and reasonably Priced keyboards (some of the Mechanicals from these companies can get expensive mind you)  and im sure if you dig around you can find rewiews on all of these companys products. Oh and Im also Using a Razer Blackwidow Toournament Edition right now and its definitley the best keyboard ive used so far in my life.



ive been running logitech keyboards and gaming mice for YEARS (15+). i love the mechanical keyboards, for that TAP TAP TAP sound!

i cant really find a nice logitech keyboard like the one i had in the early 00's, but the mouse i use is the MX 5_ _. ive had 3 of the same, and cant complain.

my only suggestion to you, is go to a compUSA or what ever parts store is in your town, and try them out. no one can tell you what you'll like, maybe you like really nice stuff, or maybe you'll be happy with so-so stuff like i am, who knows!

From monitors i would also suggest to check Iiyama monitors and for mice look for G9 or newer "sister" G9x. Mine G9 just hit about 5-6 years and still going. Mechanical keyboards are made to last longer and apart from that (and higher price) they are like normal keyboards. If you need your keyboard for next 30 years go with mechanical and if you'll be changing them in next 5 years go with normal one since when mechanical hit the market some normal styled gaming keyboards prices went down.