Monitors, GPU's, and Connections

Hi Guys,

So I think this will be the final question for my first build (I hope). I have my rig pluged into my TV at the moment (Via HDMI) and I am getting a monitor shortly. The thing I noticed is that alot of the cheaper monitors only have HDMI in and my GPU only has one HDMI out ... drats. So for a multi monitor setup I would need to use a combo of connections that the monitor I want doesnt support. 

Do the cables like a DVI to HDMI pose any problems to refresh rates in games or resolution quality? Or are are there any other inherent issues I should know about if I did this? 

Thanks for your opinions guys, you are always so kind and helpful.

(P.s. I have a gtx 780 and I will be running 3 x 1080p displays, maybe that gives you some context for my question)

DVI and HDMI are both digital connections so it shouldnt be an issue other than maybe 1-3ms extra response time on the other 2 monnitors - probably not even that.


Hope this helps,