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Monitors are not going to sleep


LInux n00b here. Recently switched from Windows to popOS here. Great so far. Minor quirks.

My monitors will not go to sleep. popOS will lock the OS but the monitors will remain with power (green) and not go to sleep (orange). Prior in Win10, works as expected.

Running Dual monitors, one is 24inch Asus via HDMI and an Acer 32 inch via DP.

Settings are set where they should be set. Not sure where to look to diagnose this.

Anyone with thoughts or ideas?


look in your display settings for brightness settings.

Could there be a process running that is keeping the system from thinking it’s idle? Does it still sleep? If the monitor remains on when the PC sleeps then it may be a setting on the monitor itself. Because there are two different models of monitor it may be more likely that the computer isn’t in an idle state.

Do you run steam?