Monitors And Monitor Stands

Okay, I have a simple question. Can someone recommend some good monmonitors for software development, in addition to a very sturdy triple monitor stand?

I don't need ultra high refresh rates or addition by thing like that, I just need some decent monitors for development. I will not be using multiple monitors for gaming, just to clarify that.

I don't really have a budget, but please don't recommend a monitor that costs well over £/$500 on its own. As long as they're 1080p or higher and can be mounted to a stand/wall mount, that's great.

Well, you basically can use anything...
IPS is always recommended, but in general terms you can pretty much use any monitor...
I would say go 21:9 just for the extra screen space... Gaming is not perfect on ultrawide, but for content creation the extra space will be really useful.

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I agree with @psycho_666, I have an LG 25UM65-P 25" 2560x1080 21:9 monitor and it is great for software development. I am unable to find my specific monitor because I think it is discontined but this is the closest I can find and should be better than my 25" model.

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Oh yeah, I'd love an IPS, from what I've read an IPS pannel sounds lovely.

Thank you for your input, and thank you for the link too, seems like a very reasonable deal to be fair.

I'm without a doubt more inclined to content creation over gaming, although I like gaming, don't get me wrong, but I put my work first. That's a part of the reason as to why I was debating 2 normal sized monitors, just because you still have the same number of pixels as an ultra-wide, but you also have the benefit of gaming on one, and it being perfectly normal.

As for cost, I would've also thought that 2x 16 : 9 monitors would be cheaper than a single 21 : 9 monitor? I don't actually know, I just recall talking to a friend and when he mentioned the price for an ultra-wide 4k monitor, I was quite shocked.

I game on my ultrawide monitor and it works fairly good on the games that support the 21:9 aspect ratio but there lies the problem, most games (especially console ports) don't work and you'll get a really bad experiences but on games that have full support it is great.

Recently I've been playing Elite Dangerous, The Division, and Guild Wars 2, Battlefield 1 and all these games work great on an ultrawide, on the other side I've tried MGS Phantom Pain, Mass Effect, Fallout 4, Skyrim, etc and the level of support in these games is patchy at best but in some cases it can be "fixed" with mods.

In most cases yes but it depends on the monitors and whether you can get a good deal. I got mine for £170 in December 2014 during the Amazon holiday sales which was slightly more than a comparable 27" 1080p monitor at the time and since I already had a 1080p monitor it made sense to get the ultrawide.

I would say that if you don't already have a monitor, then 2 1080p 16:9 panels may be the better option than a single ultrawide. My workflow would be severely limited if I only had a single monitor because I use both of mine constantly, and to be honest if my table was big enough I'd be using the two other 1080p monitors I have in addition to my 28" 4K and ultrawide monitor because more pixels.

If you currently have a 16:9 monitor, you may want to keep it for gaming, and use the ultrawide for the work related... Well, work... At the end of the day 2 monitors for work is even better. One for gaming and 2 for work...


As a single screen Dell U2715H. I still have my U2711 and it is great. Gaming is not it's first priority but overall it really does everything and very well. Big enough, pretty color accurate, fast enough for the filthy casual. I am confident the new model is similar.

Dual 1080p screens... for content creation... I would say no. Gaming on one and having some shit up on the other one, sure. Editing video or even photos, no. You just need one big picture. Maybe get the Dell now and a gaming panel later.

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Tek Syndicate posted about the Korean X-Star monitors I got the 27" 1440p model it's really nice. I would suggest getting a different stand, I'm in the process of getting a vesa wall mount.

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That's pretty much my plan, considering the fact that I don't like using multiple monitors for gaming anyway, I've seen my friend use 3 for gaming, and if they're not the same monitor, it looks awful, even if they are the same, I've also seen some serious driver issues occur while running some games, or at least some games run in strange ways whilst using 2 monitors for gaming.

Big fan of the X-star 27" 1440p monitors. Wish I could grab another couple, but I already have like, nine other monitors lying around...

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Just make a collection? The more the merrier? :')