Monitors: 32"+ .. x1440+ .. Under $500 .. Does it exist?


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I've been looking for a new monitor to pair with the GTX 1070 (EVGA FTW) I just wasted a bunch of money on ($480) because it feels wrong to pair it with my current monitor: a 20.5", 1920x1080, 60 Hz, sub $100 Acer monitor previously paired with a now-deceased GTX 660 Ti. It's only redeeming qualities are color accuracy and being LED backlit.

What I envision as the perfect desktop monitor doesn't even exist yet... 40", 3440x1440, G-SYNC, 200 Hz. ... but I'm ready to buy something now/soon. Around Christmas, probably. So, for now, here's what I'm looking for:

* 27" or larger
* Motion blur reduction
* 2560x1440
* 100 Hz
* Under $500

Desires (if within budget):
* 32" or larger
* 3440x1440
* 144 Hz

High frame rate (read: refresh rate) and clear horizontal motion (motion blur reduction) are most important to me. I'm willing to sacrifice most of the above for a monitor 27 inches or larger that can deliver text which is readable while moving horizontally across the screen. Think chat bubbles floating over players in an MMO or nameplates or something.

But I really, really want to move up to x1440.

Related: ULMB and G-SYNC are exclusive and cannot be used at the same time... does G-SYNC do anything for motion blur? Pretty sure it doesn't. Read something like "ULMB is for high frame rates and G-SYNC is for frame rates below 60." Accurate? :P

Thanks for reading.

So G-Sync syncs your refresh rate to your framerate. So that means if your fps < monitor refresh rate, you get another feeling animations. When they're not in sync, it is forced to hold onto some frames until the next refresh tick which ultimately causes some of your few very valuable to additionally be dropped. (Over-simplification but that's the gist of it.) All that said, G-Sync is an expensive feature currently. So that alone is going to be hard to get and will eliminate a ton of options. Losing this feature might be the equivalent of 48fps appearing more like 44fps (if somebody corrects my numbers, I admit that I could be a little off buy i think I'm close). You decide if that's worth a lot of money to you.

As for resolution, if you're looking for 3440x1440 (or whatever the right number is, that seems wrong but I may be wrong), I recommend focusing on 27-34" ultra wide displays. At 40", you should be looking at 4k (3840x2160). A 34" ultra wide at that resolution is effectively the same as a 40" 4k but with the top chopped off.

I know I haven't answered your questions really - I'll let others more knowledgeable than i am do so. But hopefully this info helps you nonetheless!

Good luck!!

The cheapest 1440p G-Sync display is currently this one:

3440x1440p can be had at $500, but reliable brand 3440x1440p starts at $635. But, your talking standard non-sync panels at 60hz. G-sync 3440x1440p starts at $1200, and is limited to 100hz until the newer display port standard is implemented to allow for 144hz and higher.

Also, I recommend following this when talking resolution and size:
* 21/24 inch 1080p
* 27 inch 1440p
* 34 inch 3440x1440p
* 40-ish inch 4k.
This is the approximate size for each of those resolutions where 100% scaling is considered optimal, without the resolution being too low where it looks weird at a higher size. So if you get a 28 inch 4k, usually your talking 150%+ scaling to make it look okay, which at that point you might as well have a 27 inch 1440p at 100%.

Yup, for 144Hz you're essentially looking at 2560x1440 which means you're looking at ~27". DisplayPort 1.4 will change that but no monitors really support it yet.

I can rephrase the question a little...:

Cheapest (27" or larger) monitor with noticeably-effective motion blur reduction?

Was hoping for some insight into the 'ol 'Korean panels' market. Something outside of what can be found using PCPartPicker filters, for example.


The clearer / smoother horizontal motion is the better.


There's a 1440p Gsync monitor on sale for $480 atm