Monitor will only go [email protected]


I need some help with my new Benq XL2411T monitor. This monitor should according to Benq be able to run [email protected] and according to other forums even up to 144hz. But I got this screen some days ago and I just can't figure out getting it to go up to [email protected] and I don't have any idea how to even get it to 144hz.

So if you could please help me I would be grateful.


I'm not sure if this is the problem, but if you have a new PC you HAVE to install the latest (or at least any) driver for your graphics card. With my AMD I can only run at 800x600 (I guess, not sure) before installing Catalyst.

That just was my first thought, if it's something with the monitor (you can run 1080p at 60Hz but not 120Hz) or sth, I don't know, someone with that monitor might be able to help you.

Oh, now that I'm thinking of it, maybe you have connected it with the wrong cable? I'm not quite sure, but afaik single-link DVI and HDMI are not capable of 1080p at 120Hz..

I have the same monitor mate. It's freaking amazing. I've used Lightboost workaround and oh my! I have never felt so good playing a game. It's so super smooth. 60hz is complete trash now that i have tried both.

From what i understand you are using Ivy bridge cpu along with that intel hd 4000 graphics unit which can give only up to 1024x768 at 120hz.

For 1080p at 120hz you need decent Gpu. Nvidia (if you want lightboost) or ATI. At least Gtx 670 or ATI 7970. Preferrably dual card setup.


Also: If you want to run 144hz you can't use Lighboost and HDMI 1.4 can put 1080p at 120hz but since you already have DVI-Duallink (white connector that came with monitor) you don't need to buy it, unless you want to use headphone jack.

Thanks for the feedback.

But I've done it already..

-Drivers updated

-Dual DVI cable

Thanks for the feedback :)

Well I have 7950.. So I hoped that was good enough for 1080p 120hz..

But are you saying I can do 1080p 120hz with HDMI because I have some HDMI cables laying around. I can try them and come back to you :)

The thing with HDMI is you need 1.4b for 120hz to work at 1080p. The common 1.3 does not work.

But i can't understand why 7950 doesn't give 1080p in 120hz, it is powerful enough and should have no troubles.

Could you perhaps mistakenly put it in motherboard instead of in GPU female Dvi-d?

No I am very confident in what I did.. although I haven't installed the drivers for the monitor.. could that be a problem?

I solved the problem yessterday... I'm not 100% sure what I did but I just think I turned the Dual Link Cable around?