Monitor vs TV

Now I know people always say go with the monitor but does that advise still stand if the tv is nearly an identical size and also full HD? 

Specifically these options:



They are nearly identical in size, resolution, price, brightness. 

The differences are response time(2ms vs 5ms) and that the tv also has a component input which would be great for my xbox/hauppauge pvr. 

What I want to know if for a gaming/pc monitor will the tv be a good replacement for that monitor?


the asus is better. then run hdmi from the SEXbox and dvi from the pc

if you havn't bought a monitor yet then i would go with this one

Yea HDMI from the xbox would be ideal but I am still holding onto that first gen with only component cables haha. 

I'll just look into a good component to hdmi converter

Keep in mind too that you're going to have to plug in the sound through your computer so that you can actually hear the audio over your computer speakers.