Monitor vs peripherals

I have around £90-100 (about $180-200) and im in the market for a monitor and have found this one on aria and looks like what I want:"+Arianet+Widescreen+LCD+Monitor+With+DVI+-+Piano+Black+?productId=34318&noVat=0 (Price without P&P)

But I also would like a new keyboard, mouse and mouse surface. I can get a Razer Tarantula gaming keyboard and a Razer Deathadder for £86.50 on Amazon (without P%P)

then I might have like £10 (about $20) left for the mouse surface. So what do you think I should do? and what is a good mouse surface/pad that I could get for about £10?

wat monitor do u currently have?

Im using my 26" tv, but its not that good for gaming

hmm a 26' inch tv. idk that sounds pretty good, unless nothing is sharp and everythings burrly.

It really depends u how long it takes u to get money again. if it gonna take a while then get the mouse etc. if not buy the monitor

nothign is blurry or anything its just that i would like to have a monitor rather than use my tv but i think im gonna go for the mouse and keyboard then get the monitor later. Do you have a good mouse surface to recommend?

that depends on how much ur spending on it. for expesnive ones go for like the razer destrutor, med price. go for cyber snipa tracer. low then go for the Ratpadz GS

Ill have about £10 (about $20) left after the mouse and keyboard

according to Razer mice guide [url=]Razer Goliathus[/url] would be the optimum surface and it meets your budget and it comes in tow flavors! control and speed so you chose ;)

ty momo, im gonna wait till after christmas before i buy them as the prices might go down and i might have more money to buy the monitor as well