Monitor value

im trying to sell a hannspree hf289h 28 inch 1920x1200 monitor that i bought a year ago for $550 how much do you think i would be able to sell this for?

considering how much the price has dropped on a brand new one, i doubt over $160

What he said. The resolution is absolutely meh on such a big monitor.. better of with a 24"

28 inch? dont i need to sit like 4 feet away from my pc to be able to see it properly?

No you don't.. People use 30Inch monitors with 2500x+++ resolution, they can sit just as close to it as a normal monitor, because the resolution is higher, it basically just enlarges the workspace on the pc. If resolution is low, you might want to sit a bit further back. (TV's)

ended up selling to some one for $300 what a dumb ass

the guy not you guys

Hah goood job man ! :D