Monitor stand for 3 x Monitors 34" to 42"


Anyone know any good monitor table stands/mounts that can handle monitors from 32" to 42"?

My current setup is:

Left: 34" portrait
Center: 40" landscape
right: 34" landscape

Would it be better to buy individual stands for each? or 1 that could hold all 3?

The 34" Samsung screens weigh a lot, where as the 40" is 1/2 their weight, but that's due to the shait stand on it and the samsung ones being made out of material denser and heavier than that inside of a black hole.

The stands need to be rock solid.


the mono price single monitor stand MIGHT work, fairly cheap.

only issue is its mediocre and hard to adjust.

If money isn't an issue, look into the monitor arms Wendell uses and recommends. I believe the manufacturer is called SpaceCo.