Monitor Replacement Eyefinity & Ultrawide

I'm looking to replace one of my monitors that just went out in my Eyefinity setup. I had (3) 27" 1080p LG monitors. That model is no longer available, since LG has started to focus on the 21:9 aspect ratio.

Would a 29" 21:9 monitor work well as the central screen in an eyefinity setup? Does anyone have experience with using this? Thanks!

It should work fine. I have been wanting to try a 21:9 monitor flanked by 16:9, but I have never gotten around to it. I don't see any reason it would not work, but I am not 100% sure. Let us know how it works if you go for it.

My only concern is the listed height is slightly smaller on the 21:9, even with the extra 2"....14.7" H for 16:9 vs 12.9" H for 21:9.....Might look goofy.

The difference is only $50 since I'm covered under warranty, so I think I may try it out

I just did some googling, and AMD does support mixed resolution Eyefinity. In this blog post they try it out.

Yea I had seen that as well...I have an R9 290X so it would be supported...Eh why not I'll give it a shot and maybe post some pics of how it looks

Update: Just swapped out for the 29". Doesn't match up real well....Any way I can squish/cut off the physical top portions of the outside screens here?

I can't think of anything since the vertical resolution is 1080 on all 3.....


Update: Just swapped out the 29" for the 34" model. Height looks much better now....Just some leveling out to do with the mounts and should be all set! 1 290x 4gb runs BF4 @ 6400x1080 on a mixture of high/ultra at a playable 40-60 fps.