Monitor Recommendations?

So i have all my parts picked out for my pc and all i need to find is a nice budget monitor. Im looking for something that is atleast 23in 1080p 120hz and no more than $200. Any recommendations?

Dude! Seriously go that little bit extra and get one of these. I have one of the Qnix 27" with DVI-D, x2 HDMI, VGA and it is epic.


Here is the Qnix one

I agree with the whole Higher resolution is better, But honestly atm man your best bet for a good monitor is either the MX239H

Which an AMAZING monitor for a price of $230


You could spend $150 extra and the get the big brother MX279H which comes with integrated Bang and olufsen speakers which if you know anything about audio, you'd know Bang and Olufsen are amongst the highest class speaker manufacturers of the whole sound industry.

Both have IPS technology so they are colour accurate, and Both are 5ms response time which afaik isn't too bad when it comes to gaming. It's anything higher than that that makes a difference. Anyways, If i were you, I'd save up my money for that amazing MX279H because not only is it sleek and sexy af in design, in terms of actual performance, this thing is a beast. Dont want to take my word for it? How bout newegg's word...


Personally I wouldn't cheap out and buy one of the korean or japanese monitors (or wherever they are made) because you have no guarantee that they'll work, and you have ZERO warranty... It's not worth the risk, and it will certainly be beneficial in the long run.

Hope i helped! :D


Get the AOC or that asus.

alright thanks.