Monitor Problem?

So I have a Dell U2312HM monitor.Suddenly the right side of the monitor became kind of greenish/gray in color,the pixels kinda seem visible.The closed to the border of the screen the greener/grayer it is.When i take a picture to the left side its fine,on the right side it becomes darker greenish/grayish.I'm not sure what I am dealing with  

Are you able to upload pictures? It hard to under stand monitor issues without seeing it. Have you tried unplugging it and its source and then reconnecting it?


: )  Could be a backlight issue, or it could be a problem with the panel it's self...  or a cap problem.  Like NJ said, pics would help.  Also, feel the back of the monitor and let us know if the dim side feels cooler than the unaffected side (may be difficult to tell though, as I believe that's an LED monitor).

I say that not only because it's a typical IT thing to say (i work in IT at a school and oh go dht ehorror) But I have in my experience have had this happen to me before, seemingly less severe and to a much much older panel. and un-powering it actually helped :)

Taking a screenshot is useless,the picture looks fine,and i have nothing 2 take a picture of the monitor itself with.
I have found an interesting detail tho.Some light purple discoloration is happening also.For instance,when I run a program on full screen that is black.On the right side,where the problem is,if u look closely u will see the time and date of windows in light purple/pink color

Never said it wasn't good advice lol

After spending some time on the internet,now the right side of my monitor has like a shadow,an outline of my chrome displayed on the desktop in purple/pink color

I have found a picture of a monitor with the same/similar issue as mine.Here it is

The monitor in your picture looks to have a backlight issue.  Could be caused by a faulty bulb/array or by a bad cap or two.  But you also described some screen burn as well on yours which would suggest a problem with the panel.  If it's still under warranty, or within it's return policy, then I'd take/send it back. No sense attempting a repair if it's still covered.

You might also want to try hooking it up to a different computer, just to be sure it's a problem with the monitor and not your computer/graphics card (by the sounds of it though, I'd be astonished if it wasn't a monitor issue).