Monitor or Keyboard? for coder?

so im learning to code on my free time and take it as a hobby and i love learning new code, new ways to implement it in a usable and fun way in what ever im working on, im no expert and im teaching myself at my own pase and hopefully one day i can earn a living out of it, so here comes my question,

i recently build my sytem after seeing logans cheap apu build he did with the a10 apu from amd, i loved it and still am using it altough i did upgrade from the APU graphics to a ghz 7770 GPU to be able to crank my few games up without breaking the bank as im a light gamer but im fine with my setup but here comes some things as i imerse myself more and more into coding, i seem to run out of space on my screen and my typing i think its fine but was wondering if it could get better, i also re learn to touch type not long ago as my last time learning it was when i was in 5th grade, that was long ago lol, and then i started to two finger type as most people do but hated doing so , looks bad XD, so i learned to touch type wich was fun and really helpfull, then here comes what i wanted advice with:


i got a 23 inch acer monitor , regular no special features, 1080p and since i tend to have my html tab in notepad ++ then css tab, then javascript, and recently submerging my feet on php and SQL, i tend to not have enough space on my screen and wanted to hear opinions if to buy another monitor that is the same model as the one i got or go bigger with maybe a 27 inch and maybe even 1440p, does it matter if they different models and different resolution? they are for productivity not gaming, gaming i would only use my 1080p, and should i upgrade to a mechanical keyboard? would it be better? does a keyboard really matter when coding? i feel comfortable with the one i got wich is a dell one im assuming regular one cause it was given to me by someone i know and i think its old but works quite well and i feel fine with it as it has enough tactile feel and depth to it , so what do you guys think? dont buy a keyboard and just grab a bigger and more bad ass monitor? and if so any recomendations? 

The X-star 27 in 1440p monitor on ebay for about $280.  And for a keyboard the Rosewill RK 9000 with MX blue switches its about $70 on amazon and they are very nice to type on.

i heard horrible things about Ebay xD

if i purchase anything online i only do amazon, and i dont mind the price of a 1440p monitor if its worth it. 

Ya check out that keyboard and look at this.    I have never had a problem with ebay.

and here is it on amazon


=O tyvm looks good, i will definately get it on amazon.

now my question is will my GPU be able to run it?

saphire hd 7770 ghz 1Gb DDR5 edition, says on the box Monitor:DVI, HDMI and display port.


i know DVI is what i need to run it but sometimes theres problems with the gpu so just need re afirmation xD

i purchased a like new rosewill rk9000 for $30 off of ebay, you just have to be carefull, and i believe he's refering to a very trusted seller, who logan personally reccomends

any display that does portrait mode its excellent for codeing.

For coding get another 23" 1080p monitor and use it in portrait mode. 

Here's another keyboard for you to consider...

It costs a bit less than the Rosewill.  If space is an issue, it is also more compact.

I have about 110 wpm on a plain microsoft 400 or an old big ps2 (the kind with the big connector) chicony and I barely use anything else than my index finger on my right hand. Practice is good.

You're going to be dissapointed of the performance of that card on a 1440p monitor. You should've invested in a 16:10 monitor for text, and you can run games at 1280x800 without much loss.

Multiple monitors are for most people better for spreading out their work.


more comments =O!!! ty guys and yeh i actually had my eye on that keyboard, the TK one looks great, and i wouldnt be runing games on 1440p if i buy that monitor, i know my card aint powerfull enough but like i said im a light gamer, and i tought on a vertical 1080p monitor but they all seem quite expensive, wich for a bit more money i could get the 1440p $320 monitor.


PS: like i said i just re taught myself to touch type, i cant even get close to 110 wpm XD, im more on the 30 to 37 right now.

Keyboard doesn't matter that much, especially if you are not a good typist. I got ~15% wpm increase when I switched from rubber dome to linear switches. It's more about comfort than performance.

Vertical monitor, on the other hand, will be a big help. Viewing more code on one screen helps a lot and second monitor allows you to view documentation without minimizing your IDE. 

I recommend getting an IPS monitor for usage in portrait mode because of viewing angles

yeh i did assume the keyboard was just preference, and that monitor is actually not bad.

also, since i got a lot of people giving me good advice, can anyone recomend me a nice and solid desk to put my new monitor i will get? i wanna have enough space to put two monitors my keyboard , mouse and other stuff, i dont wanna be cramped up, my current desk is fine but if i buy another monitor its just not gonna cut it.

Well, just I use ordinary cheap 120 x 60 cm desk and it's fine. 


looks great, and yeh thats bigger then mine lol

dunno why i never bought a bit bigger.

Well, the main rule is to just keep it simple. Never buy anything with keyboard/mouse trays. 60 cm depth is enough if desk is just for PC, but you need more if you want some space for studying/writing. For example, there's no space to place a textbook or a sheet of paper on mine. I recommend getting a bigger one if you have enough space in your room. 

yup i do ty