Monitor management software on Windows 10

So I’m in a weird place on windows 10 where I have a vertical 2560x1440 monitor, but every time I want to do something with it I end up fiddling around with windows, trying to get everything to tile correctly, then as soon as I want to expand a video boom, The whole thing gets taken over.

Is there a software that allows you to cut your monitor up into regions that each act like a seperate monitor? That way you can maximize a video in one “region” without losing the rest of your usable screen space.

I mean, who hasn’t wanted to have literally 3 full screen or 4 full screen videos displaying on a single monitor?
(actually i just want discord to stay in it’s hole while i watch 4:3 episodes of Futurama)

My google fu isn’t turning up much sadly. Thanks for the help!