Monitor Issue

Decided to remove this.

Yeah this is because since they are the same resolution, you have to realise that no matter the size, each will have 1920x1080 pixels. The larger the screen, the larger the pixels. They are virtually identical in size for the computer, as the monitor says they have the same resolution. I do not think there is a way around it, sorry.

There is no way around this. If I have to, I will say exactly what Burrito said.

The size of each individual pixel is different in the monitors, and the computer doesn't know that (and never has), it won't magically scale it for you.

Tell him to get rid of one of the monitors and get the same one as whatever he kept.

You just shift the boxes around and change resolution of the smaller monitor in Screen Resolution so they fit.
More control over this kind of thing would be nice though to allow random position patchwork screens like the dystopian 80's future style

Move the smaller monitor closer :)

When you want to use the native resolution of your display (and you want that) there is no way around. It is more a physical fact than a stupidity of windows (or any other OS). You could probably tweak the resolution of one monitor to the extend that you get the same amount of pixel per inch, but in that case I bet you would get a better picture using a CRT-display. :)

I have a 24 and a 32 inch. I'm so used to the set up I don't even notice this. Just need to get used to it unfortunately.