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Monitor install help


is there way to use wall mount monitor arm in the dvds area am cleaning that out to stay flat and the arm outisde that can bend all down to my desk?






Punctuation might help. Slow down your thought process and try to be clear.


is this better


What’s that back panel made of and how thick is it?


you mean the cabinet it wood and metal not sure how tick


appears to be 3/8 plywood!
make a back plate out of steel approximately 8 inches by 8 inches square.
drill through the plywood and steel plate mount the arm on the wood with the steel plate behind the wood.
this will be more than strong enough to support your monitor.


you mean adding two wood boards like one to make a L shape


more like make a sandwich with the monitor arm on one side and the steel plate on the other side, back board of the cabinet in the middle