Monitor i should not have bought...(Read for first monitor buyers!)

Hay ppl I just purchased an ASUS monitor model # VX238H (in use)

I got this monitor via promo code $20 off 160 price tag and saw $15 mail-in rebate plus over 400 positive reviews. So why not jump on the offer..well i did, and got to say i would have not if i had done a little more research on purchasing a monitor. (since this is my first monitor owned..i used 42" Samsung before)

The thing that had me regretting my purchase before it even arrived is the contrast ratio...yea i wanted to send this junk back just by comparing contrast ratios. This monitor had a 20,000:1 ascr compared to others which were scratching the millions. For those who don’t know Contrast is how black the blacks are and how white the white are.

Moving on, i saw other monitors with considerably higher contrast in the same price range such as monitors from acer, aoc, and even other asus models. This got me thinking WTH!!? Why did i just buy a monitor that cant get me deep blacks when i sitting back trying to enjoy The Dark Night or even playing games like Allan Wake and Dead Space 3..Idk man, this monitor had me hopeing for the worst..

I received it a few days after and immediately ripped open the box to see what my spending brought me. Monitor was a bit big..not slim like my 42" Samsung, had all accessories and display showed dead pixles. It was nice and all..but i needed to test the contrast was bothering me to death. So i went online and found this really helpful site

I started running the test and trying to figure out how good my monitor really was...everything was going fine until i got to the contrast test for blacks..i tried adjusting the settings to get the right point where they said was good..then i went on to test the whites. I had to adjust the contrast a little more which brought my black to not show well at all.

Well i don’t want to go on too much..but this was sweet point got my blacks to do bout a 7 out of 10 IMO...and whites to do shitty with 5 out of 10

I looked no further and fired up The Dark Knight to get some real world results...and man was i right...i could tell the blacks were bad...with blacks showing blackish gray (if u know what i mean) not like omg i can see batman in the shadows but like that does not look like black you know

This monitor is worth 160...even with a promo of $20 off, common that terrible

What i'm trying to get at here is to be careful when you buy a monitor...if your a guy like me and you like the dark then please consider the contrast ratio before purchasing a monitor...higher contrast = better black and whites in video games and movies...especially movies like The Dark Knight and movies in general

If you are a general user..this is NOT A BAD BUY!! is a 23" and still offer great performance, its just not my cup of tea

please be careful when u buy...i selling my monitor on craigslist south Florida now because i desire better

it can be viewed on link below

I will soon purchase vv once i gather up my earnings


You realise the contrast ratios are complete bullshit when they are in the millions right?

The screen you have is using a "true" static ratio while others use dynamic ratios.