Monitor Hunting

So I need a new monitor because mine hates me. 

Here is what I'll be doing...

- Playing games on 1280x720 (this is what my APU processor does best)

- Watching movies 


Here is my PC...

My budget is about $130-$150 and I need to be able to plug in some speakers that will sit atop my desk. I really need help with finding a good one i'm bad with monitors thanks guys!


very good moniter for the money

That does look pretty good. Do you know how that stacks up speaker wise? $159 (after mail in rebate) 


Would getting something with recommended resolution of 1280x720 be too bad because that is what I'll be playing my games on. I'd like a monitor that specializes in that. 

... why? higher res is always better, and a 1080p monitor can display 720p just fine. your movies will probably be in 1080. there is absolutely no reason to get a crappy monitor when a good one will fit in the price range.