Monitor help

So first off all, I live in Canada. So please use Canadian links. Also, do not take MIR (mail-in rebates) into account. I have had tons of problems with them before and do not want to go through them again. 

Alright, so i'm looking for a monitor. I am not looking for some insane 27" 3D crap. I just want a 22-24", 2-5ms (preferably closer to 2), preferably IPS (people say it's good, idk lol). Those are all my guidelines for the specifications.

Now onto the budget. I would like to go a max of 150$, but I will give up an extra 10-20 dollars if it's an amazing deal. I know this might be tough to meet all of my preferred specs, but I have been searching for nearly 4 hours now and have found nothing. So hopefully all of you guys have some monitors in the back of your head, or are able to find something.

Thanks for everything :)


Managed to find that, but was literally 2 minutes late. It was 139.99$ and i went to get my wallet, and it went back to 159.99$. That blows.

If IPS, it's going to be 5ms or higher.

If you go to PcPartPicker, it might help.

Are there any that you recommend? Is having and IPS panel better than 2 ms response time?

I found this while searching:

IPS panel, but 5 ms. I think it will fit be fine but i would like some opinions.

Thanks a lot! :D

That one looks fine.  5ms is perfectly fine for 90% of people.  I personally would take the better color reproduction of IPS instead of a faster response time of TN.

Thank you very much! You're a great help! :D