Monitor help!

I'm need some help deciding on a good monitor.

im looking for a good monitor for all types of gaming (lots of fps and wow)  but i want decent color reproduction at the same time and im pretty overwhelmed because of all the different options i have.

my price range is max of 300 dollars

also i either want 1 larger format monitor (27 inches) or i was looking into doing 3 24 inch monitors hense the second monitor in the list below.

i was looking at these monitors:

i have no issues with not having powerful enough hardware to push any of these monitors or even 3 of them.


Please help i dont know what to do or what one to choose


Hi Flameson14

i am currently using 3 Asus VN247h monitors in surround, they do a really good job for gaming, fims etc.

if you looking to do a 3 way monitor setup i would recommend these because they have a very small frame ( less than 1 cm).




Dude, I PROMISE you that you will love the ASUS VG248GE. I game on one of these monitors and prefer it to almost anything else. 

in my opinion you don't honestly want anything greater then 24". If you want to play a lot of FPS games, stick to 24". when you go larger then this size you tend to have to move your head more to see more things on the screen. it's much faster to just flick your eyes back and fourth then it would be to move your head to scan the corners of the image. 

see the logic? most people don't. with a low response time and a 24" monitor you will see your kill count go up quite a bit. trust me. i'm a random guy on the internet. 

also, if you have the monitor 3+ feet from your face you won't notice pixels at all. on my current desk setup i have the ASUS monitor exactly 3 feet from my face, i tested my setup with a 1440p monitor the same distance away and games looked NEARLY the same, 1080p with AA and 1440p without are very close at this distance and size. there will of course always be people who can "see the difference" but it's subtle.