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i am looking into monitors and i'm wondering if I should spend a bit more on a 1ms response time. I will probably be gaming, photoshopping, video editing, etc. also, I ask tips on getting the right monitor, best bang for the buck monitor, etc.  thank you for the help!

1 ms really is not worth it. When you get a monitor, make sure it is 6 ms or less. Anything more feels like lag to me.

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  If colour is important to you, you may have to compromise a bit of the response time. My display is 8ms. I love it for cinematic games because the colours just POP! But there is ghosting when objects move quickly across the screen. And I suffer in precision game titles like CS:GO. I've been able to battle my monitors ghosting by overclocking the refresh-rate from its stock 60hz to 110hz. This has helped, but not eliminated my ghosting.

My roommate got a 120hz ACER monitor (this is a few years back). It had the 1ms response time, so everything looked sooo fluid. Fast moving objects didn't break into pieces across the screen. But the colour (next to my monitor) was complete garbage. Now a days, monitors with shorter response times are getting better at having poppy colours. But they're still playing catch-up.

My preference is having the colours since I play games like Batman Arkham Series, Far Cry, Ryse, Crysis etc... I think the minor ghosting (with the 110hz overclock helping) is a small price to pay for what the colour provides. You may be able to find a great colour monitor that has 6-5ms response. If so, ur golden for all those things (gaming, video/photoshoping etc..).

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