Monitor help needed!

So I want to get a new monitor but I have no clue what to get. All of them seem to have a lot of unneeded bells and whistles and seem to lack the few things that I would like so I really hope someone here can suggest a monitor for me. I'm looking for a monitor under 250$. Lower of course wouldn't hurt but that's not the most important part. I would like it to be 24 inches, 16:9 and would have a display port connector. I would mostly be using the monitor for gaming and some video editing. I really hope someone here can help.

What resolution do you want? Refresh rate? IPS or TN?

I would settle for 1920x1080 resolution. As I've understood TN is better for gaming but I'm not entirely sure. As I've understood with refresh rate higher is better. 

If you're willing to go to $260 I'd recommend the BenQ XL2411Z

24", 1080p, 144hz TN panel.

No display port though... Is there a specific reason you need display port? Coul you just use an adapter?

Well honestly as far as I've understood Display Port is just "the best". There is no specific reason really.

I'd agree it's the best but I don't know of any displayport monitors off hand.

My friend does have the Benq and loves it, if that matters any.

will you do anything other than gaming on this monitor?

movie watching, photo editing, video editing?

Hmm, I just noticed the OP mentions video editing.

So an IPS panel would most likely be best, assuming the video editing is very important?

Yes I will be watching movies and doing video editing also.

I would like to avoid the risk of motion blur in games though.

Gaming and video editing will both be important. I would like to find a middle ground for both of them.

Well 60hz IPS will be better for movies and video editing, but (might) introduce motion blur in games. It depends on the exact model.

144hz TN will be better for gaming, but you won't get the good colors that are useful for movies and video editing.

Well since the video editing I do isn't at the moment what I would call professional (more like a hobby) I would rather go for the optimal monitor for gaming. The main problem right now are the connectors since my GPUs HDMI port is already occupied with my TV and DVI is slowly turning into a dying connector I would really like to find a monitor with a Display Port connector. If of course there are no monitors that can live up to the same quality as the one you suggested I will have to settle for a DVI connection. But if there is an option for DP i'd rather go with that.

I'm also looking a new monitor for the same purposes.  As far as I understand it, a middle ground between IPS and TN for editing and gaming might be a VA panel.

I'm still investigating, so I'm not well versed.  Does anyone know if there are any serious trade offs with VA panels?  

most people won't be able to tell the difference actually. I'm currently using an Acer S275HL for more or less the same purpose as you guys. Editing and gaming in this monitor is great!


more info:

Ok so I've been doing some research and I've come to understand that if a monitors response time is below 8ms then motion blur shouldn't be an issue. Then an IPS panel with under 8ms response time should be ok for gaming? But so far I haven't really understood how fast refresh rates IPS panels can offer. Any thoughts?


There are some rumors that a company is working on 144hz IPS panels, but the highest refresh rate on an IPS panel that I'm aware of is 60hz. You can overclock monitors though, especially with Korean 1440p IPS monitors, to higher hz. 96hz seems to be very common on the Korean monitors, although there are people who get over 100.

How noticeable is the difference between hz realistically?

I've been looking at the BenQ RL2455HM and it is noticeably cheaper than the XL2411Z. My question is why? Maybe I'm blind or stupid but I can't seem to find what are the major differences between the two. Someone please shed some light about this.