Monitor half screen black

Hey guys does anyone have an idea if and how I can fix my second monitor?

It's an Acer GD245HQ. Yesterday I came back to my PC after some time and woke my energy saving Monitors. But for the second monitor the right half of the screen just remained black. It's perfectly in the middle. The backlight is still on, It's just as if half of the screen was showing a black image. Ofcourse I restrated the PC and Monitor and also unpugged the DVI cable and stwitched to an HDMI cable. Same result.

Does anyone have an idea if this is fixable? I don't really have the money to buy a new monitor right now and using only one feels like only having one hand. It's so inefficient.


Do you have another machine to run the display off of?

Hi ! did you switch monitors to confirm problem is monitor ? Unplug for a good 10 minutes problematic monitor; and live-test.
Good luck !
previous suggestion still applies ! (streetguru s suggestion )

Seems like that monitor has two separate panels and one of them is burnt out.

ok, that's weird. This happened yesterday and I have tried everything. connected the Monitor to my Laptop and such and the problem was still there. Today I tried it again and still the screen was half black....out of frustration I smacked to Monitor over on my desk (against frame) and then it worked again.....genius....just hit it to make it work

Thanks for the suggestions anyway