Monitor Growing Pains

Ever buy a new monitor and for the next couple of days, you're STILL messing with the colors/contrast/brightness menus trying to figure out how to get the image. You tinker with virtually every solution, from Windows calibration to the nVidia controls to online guides, to the point were you get paranoid that the image you've been looking at for the past few months wasn't even calibrated correctly. In the span of one week, you've made yourself colorblind!

That's basically me at the moment.

I recently bought an ASUS VE247H and I'm currently trying to figure what a proper image should look like. It always seems too bright, too vibrant, or black levels are too low, making Skyrim nights with ENB presets look like the brightness is scaled beyond max. But, as I mess with one, the other goes apeshit. I feel like I shouldn't be tweaking the settings that much for a monitor, so I feel I'm overthinking this.

Any tips or free tools on how to get an accurate image? What should I be looking for? What's better, Windows calibration, nVidia's control panel, or the monitor's functions?

Also, and this may sound weird, but can someone tell what colors I should be seeing? For example, the red "close" button in Windows; should that look vibrant red, slightly desaturated, or what?


Thanks again, everyone!
- ElRicardoMan 

Could always just grab yourself one of these:

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A tool for calibration such as the Spydercal is the only real way to properly calibrate a monitor.

I've heard of that. I think my brother has a friend with one of those, but he's too far away.