Monitor for work and play

Hi I'm new here!

What do you guys think of the Dell UltraSharp U2515H for productivity and some gaming? I've always had Dell monitors at work. The pros for me are colors, angles the stand (swivel, pivot, etc.),

I will mostly be coding on these but is this monitor considered slow at 6ms for playing FPS games? Is the lack of DVI or VGA an issue? Any reason why I should not get one of these? Are there any other monitors with the same features that I should consider?

I would really appreciate some feed back guys.

I don't have amazing monitor knowledge, but 430 bucks for a monitor seems like too much to me for your purposes. that seems more like a photo editing monitor, IDK.

There are monitors out there that have better specs for gaming @ the 430 dollar price range. Since you will mostly be doing coding I don't see why you need all that "ultra sharp" color bullshit or 1440p resolution.

If I didn't already have my U2414H and a higher budget I would totally get the U2515H.

Sure, there are some cheaper 1440p IPS displays, and also more expensive ones, but 1440p on a 25" display will look better than on a 27" display.

Looks like you can get it even cheaper on Amazon ->

Only thing I have to criticize with my U2414H is that the included miniDP-DP cable seems to be of cheap quality (sometimes I get a black backlit screen when I leave the desk for ~10-15min).

I bought the Dell U2715H off of amazon at a much lower price point then in your link. Overall, it is a good monitor although it doesn't have a DVI port (I forgot to check that). The color is pretty good along with the brightness/sharpness. My only complaint is that it is a glossy screen and any sort of direct sun light hitting the monitor will create reflection that makes it impossible to see. If you're in a spot with no direct sunlight... then there is no problem. Direct sunlight + miniblinds? instant glare problem.

Beware the glare.

The amount of difference that a couple of milliseconds is going to make is so small you will barely notice it. Response time is pretty much a worthless figure, the only thing you should be looking at is refresh rate when it comes to gaming. There should be some 120Hz IPS pannels coming out around the launch of AMD's 300 series in a few months and will most likely have adaptive sync to complement the power of the cards. I'd hold out a little longer before you go and drop a heap of money on something like that. But that Dell monitor should be great for anything IMO.

Thanks for the input. I'm also doing some photo editing for the web which is why I was thinking the higher res ultrasharp would be nice. I'm down to one of two 1680x1050 (second monitor is dead) so the 1440 would have been nice. But I think I might go for the U2414H instead as it's quite a bit cheaper.

Have you thought about an untrawide monitor? the LG 25UM64 is around 300$, and most unltrawides are 400$. they're good for screen real estate and from the reviews I've read its good for work and better for gaming. It seems like something you might be interested in if you're going to be coding