Monitor does not recognize my CPU

Hi there,

I am encountering difficulty in getting a display signal on my monitor.

Here is the specs for my setup:

My monitor:

(display capacity is 1680x1050 @ 60Hz max)

I have a Powercolor HD7850 (2GB, 256-bit) graphics card.

I already tried testing my monitor and cpu separately and they both work. What else could be the problem? Thanks.


I am using an VGA>DVI>HDMI cable connection.

Why in God's name would you use that kind of a connection? A plain DVI-cable should suffice.

Your monitor and video card supports DVI. So use a straight DVI cable.

Please don't tell you're trying to connect your monitor to the onboard video. :P
Oh lawd, that would be terribly funny and a little sad at the same time...