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Monitor died - need some help, please. (LG 34UM95C-P)

It’s 4:00 a.m. in the morning, I come back from the kitchen with another cup of coffee… and my monitor is dead. :shocked:

My main monitor - my pride and joy. My very first, and the only-one IPS monitor I have ever owned :sad:

I bought it on Black Friday, back in 2015.

I found my old screenshots and notes of the order - the warranty was 1 year parts and labor :confused:

This is the one:

Question: is there any chance, that the power adapter, and not the monitor itself, has died?

In the last 2-3 weeks, I noticed, that sometimes this monitor went to sleep, and would not wake up, when I would come back and use the mouse or keyboard. I had to use the nipple-power-button on the monitor to wake it up. It wasn’t turned off (red LED), but asleep (blue LED). I have a 2nd monitor connected to this pc (as secondary), although I pretty much always have it disabled with DisplayFusion. So, when the main LG ultra-wide occasionally went into deep-sleep “coma”, it would probably disconnect from windows, because after I would manually wake it up, all my open programs windows would be resized and not were I left them. I assume, because the old secondary monitor is only 1080p…

Anyway, this bothers me, because it felt like a problem with the monitor itself (like somethings up with the electronics), not a power issue (as in power adapter/cable).

I hope it’s only adapter, of course.

I tried unplugging it from the power, tried another UPS - nope, looks dead.

I checked on amazon, and found only 2 adapters, from some unknown makers, that at least have some reviews. There are 2-3 others, but with no reviews at all. I would really feel uneasy buying those.

Question: which one should I choose?

Or, rather, does any one of these 2 would fit as a replacement for my monitor? I need to be honest - when it comes to electricity - I am useless. I just want to double-check, that they’re not too “weak” or too “strong”? Sorry, for my ignorance.

  1. This one has 4 reviews and does not have my exact model number: 34UM95C-P in the description.
  1. This one has only 2 reviews, but has my model in the description, and is $10 cheaper.

Should I try and buy an adapter, hoping it is the culprit?

I love this monitor. I spend 12+ hours in front of it, almost daily. I even stopped watching movies and tv on my actual LG 55 inch TV set. I use this monitor, and I love it.

I really can’t afford a new one at this moment :confused:

Thanks in advance for any help.

You could see if there is a firmware update for your monitor and maybe it would explain what happened with it. As for applying the firmware yeah you would have to be able to turn it on again so not an immediate fix. : S I just thought it might be a good idea to see if a certain problem has been fixed that you did not know about. As for pick an adapter eh can’t help you there as I don’t know the brands.

I’ve had one of my extra screens act up, it’s a rather old screen (7-9 years), and I know the capacitors have started getting a bit lazy, so it’s difficult for the screen to stay on after it hasn’t been used for a few days. If there is a bright background when I turn it on, it will switch off, sometimes i have to turn it on 10+ times before it will stay on. I also had to turn down the brightness and contrast to be lower than 60, otherwise It’ll turn off.

Before you start ordering things, there are a few things that would be worth checking out.

Did you try to:
connect it to a different output on your graphics card?
use a multi meter/volt meter to check the output of the power supply?
use another cable to the screen?
if you run a DP cable, try with HDMI?

Reason I ask for HDMI cable, is that on newer graphics cards this will always be initialized before any other output (earlier this function was with DVI, and before that D-Sub), bit like legacy functionality. Perhaps similar function is also built into the monitor controller.


I have the same lg monitor and would not power on after my power went out. Maybe a power surge but it was plugged into surge protector. Other devices on power strip still work. I opened it up and see no blown capacitors so I suspect it is the switching adapter. They cost around 30 bucks so wanted to check what you ended doing?

I figured it out and suspect it was something in my Mac setup with usb-c dongle for the hdmi connection. I connected the monitor to a windows machine and could hear the new device notification while plugging and unplugging hdmi so figured the power is good. But still no display. I did this a few times and plugged in second hdmi port and display started working. I plugged the cable back to hdmi 1 port and leaving the monitor connected to the windows desktop. Hope this helps someone else.

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Hello @Sam2,
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