Monitor connected to motherboard not detecting in ubuntu


So I need to plug a new cheap monitor I have got for free that only has a VGA port, hence needing to put it in the motherboard ports. The problem is that it is not being detected. There is no Intel drivers in the driver menu, and only Nvidia drivers.

Have you got a GPU installed?

yeah, 770 from Gigabyte

Unfortunately, that's likely your problem. Many (most?) motherboards disable mb graphics ports when discrete graphics are installed.

Adapters are cheap though, and you have NVIDIA, so you don't have to worry about active/passive nonsense like me.

yeah righto the problem is, since it runs through VGA, ill need an adapter like you said, but I only have a vga dvi adapter, and my dvi are all taken up. is there any way around it?

Do you have other ports?

the only one remaining is a DP :(

Cheap solution!

You might be able to do it with some fancy xorg editing.


Thanks mate, i'll probaly still look around for a cheaper solution because ima cheap bastard but thanks!

Plus strayan mail pricing :(

Try Monoprice

Yeah righto mate

Another thing to maybe notice, is when I go into the driver menu, there is an option for xorg, but when I select it, it won't use it, it will just revert to the regular one