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Monitor choices for 960m graphics card and HDMI 1.4

First of all, thank you for all the suggestions in the poll thread :slight_smile:

I’ve been set on a 27" [email protected] display, but unfortunately my laptop won’t drive it.
Correct me if I’m wrong. An HDMI 1.4 connection can transfer:

I still want to enjoy gaming on my machine (i5-6300HQ and GTX 960m), thus I’m thinking about following options:

Right now I’m not sure what I want, so I’ll greatly appreciate any input!

Just to clarify: You have a laptop with a 960m and was previously thinking of getting a 4k60 monitor but you had a change of mind?

Personally I’d go for 24" [email protected] (600 PLN) - Dell P2419H for general purpose. If you are playing esports FPS (CSGO and the like), you can go for 24" [email protected] gaming monitor (1100 PLN) - MSI MAG241C

If you can get an OLED monitor instead for 1080p60 that would be nice (black is black and easier on the eyes in the dark, especially at night and has a lower operational cost). But that may be more expensive.

EDIT: Damn I thought some proper OLED monitor were released… Turns out they are all OLED 4k TVs so… yeah sorry.

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Yes, I wanted a bigger display and workspace for productivity. I assumed gaming at 1080p interpolated by the monitor.

But, HDMI 1.4 cannot drive 4k60 only 4k30. I’ve tried setting my current monitor to 30Hz and I do not want such experience from using a computer. That leaves 4k out of the equation.

1440p is unplayable - I’ve checked with Rise of the Tomb Raider and [email protected] And interpolating from 1080p wouldn’t be optimal, I think - please correct me if I’m mistaken.
I play games not that often. I will install some FPS counter and check if it’s even feasible to buy above 60Hz for the games I do play.

Just letting you know I have had a 770 and 750 ti both don’t support 4k60 HDMI but both DO 4k60 HDMI

Take your laptop to a friend’s house who has a 4k60 monitor to see if yours will

However your 960m is kinda weak for 4k unless they’re really old games or emulators upscaling

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I will definitely try it if i find anyone with a 4k display at hand :smiley:
But 4k TVs count! Need to visit a friend.

TV needs to be HDMI 2 but your 960 should output

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