Monitor Buying Advice Needed

Hey everyone, so I'm looking to purchase a new monitor to run along side my current one, an ASUS VX238H. My issue is that i'm not sure what kind of monitor get, one that is IPS with awesome color representation but bad input lag and response time, or should I go for a 120hz monitor so I can play at a higher frame rate.

I have a gtx 770 and i5 3470k @ 4.2 GHz

The thing i'm worried about with the 120hz monitor is that the newer games that i cant play at 100+ fps will bother me since I would be used playing at high frame rates (this happened to me when i upgraded from a laptop to my desktop and i hit 60+ fps).

At the same time, my current monitor has a really good input lag and response time, so I'm not sure if I'd like anything slower. So which do you guys think will be better for me?

Also I'm going for a 1080p display. Yes I know 1440p is better and it is in my budget, but I really want to keep my performance at 60+ and with one 2GB 770 I dont think I could do that at 1440p. I know i could down scale it to 1080p but from my experience (1080p to 768p on a laptop) it looks worse then just having a lower resolution. I do plan on upgrading to two new SLI cards with atleast 3+GB of VRAM sometime in the next year or so, so i guess if you can convince me I'll consider 1440p.



Help me out here...

You want to play at high framerate, atleast 1080p, you have onemonitor, and you want a second one... For what reasons exactly?

We are not talking about triple monitor setup. Then why 2 monitors? Why not one 1440p? 

I mostly play games but i also do a bit of coding and school work and i like to have multiple windows open while i work. What i'm doing is taking the monitor i have now and putting it aside as the second screen, and taking the new monitor and using it for gaming. I dont want 1440p because i want to get at least 60+fps still. I guess i'm really looking for peoples opinion on whether they prefer the best looking screens with more input lag and slower response time, or just go with a 120Hz monitor because it will feel smoother and wont have the high input lag or response time. Also I somewhat concern about getting used to 120 FPS and not enjoying the games that i can't run at high frames. I dont know if anyone has experienced this issue.

Just because the monitor supports 120Hz doesn't mean your games will automatically play at 120 FPS. Your frame rate will likely stay the same on your new monitor you'll just experience a smoother picture due to the increased refresh rate reducing the potential for tearing.

I understand that, but my gpu can go above 60 fps for most games (not all but most) and can hit over 100+ for a few a well. My current monitor is 60Hz so it is all being capped at 60. Which feels fine for me now, I was just told by a few other people that they love having a refresh rate that will actually let them notice those extra frames.