Monitor Black Color Issue [Help]

I bought a Lenovo ThinkVision Panel (60EBJAR1EU) ~5 months ago and I am having an issue with black “color” or rather lack there of. I’ve started noticing this while watching videos or movies and a scene gets really dark.

HERE is an example picture I took with my phone. As you can see the blacks are not blacks, they are more like negatives.

I’ve tried every single built in monitor feature, nothing can fix it. Do you have any ideas how to resolve this?

This likely has to do with the type of panel it is and there is nothing you can really do about it besides changing your view angle.

Changing the angle doesn’t help at all, it doesn’t change the picture… But it’s suppose to be a MVA panel…

I am, screwed am I not? :frowning:

Being a VA panel it shouldnt be bad then. I’m not sure why its like that. Does it look identical from a below viewing angle?

Exactly the same from all angles.