Monitor artifacting issues

After a fresh reboot from installing updates, my secondary monitor began showing some major artifact issues. At first I thought it was the monitor but upon switching dvi ports it worked fine. Testing the other port, I hooked it up to my non-artifacting main monitor and it worked fine. Any ideas? If any background information is needed, it's a 23 inch 1080p Acer monitor and the graphics card is an Asus r9 290

Maybe it is caused by the cable?

Maybe... I never considered that. If I can find an hdmi to dvi adapter I will be able to test it

Update to the issue: it turns out all I needed to do was reinstall the drivers. Thanks for the help regardless guys!

I wouldn't have expected that.

Yeah... Never leave anything out I guess? I just did it on a whim and it worked

Half my fixes are just trying derpy things and hoping, that it works.