I am thinking about getting a different moniter in the near future and I am looking at two but dont know what one.  The first one I am considering is the X Star 1440p 27in and the Shimian 21:9 29in.  The 21:9 is a bit more money but it seems like it would be better for gaming as most games can use that res, on the other hand the 1440p is cheaper and still really good but I dont know give me some input.  I am currently using a 26in 1080p led moniter.  Check my profile for other info.  But tell me what you think.

 EDIT  I think that I am going to go with a 23-24in IPS moniter and do the Ipad mod as well becasue its cool.  What is the best moniter to get that will overclock pretty high?  I was thinking this one would be good but dont know how well it will oc I would like to run at like 100hz or so.

what types of games do you play the most?


Mainly fps like bf3 and arma but do play other games as well but the games would see less of a benifit on the ultra wide aspect radio. I am looking mainly for what would be better in fps game though to answer your question. 

If it were me, I would sell my 660 and buy a 7950 and the xstar.

2560x1440 is very rough on a 660

you would need to turn down a lot of settings in almost any demanding modern game @ 1440p

Keep in mind, thats what I would do.

Im too lazy to edit my previous post. If you have overclocked the 660 a lot then maybe

I recnetly bought the “Perfect Pixel” YAMAKASI LEONIDAS 300 30" LCD 2560x1600 IPS PANEL from green-sum, and have now ordered two “Perfect Pixel” YAMAKASI CATLEAP Q270 SE 27" LED 2560X1440 WQHD DVI-D Monitor. The Catleap stand just seems a lot better to me.

The recommended card for the 27 inch is the GTX460, so I’m sure yours will do fine. Other then that you could SLI her, since 660’s are really cheap at the moment. I would only go ATI if you use your PC exclusively for gamming…no CUDA…far worse image quality.
Here is the link, with the recommended cards:

Hope it’s OK to post it here. Also, really fast/reliable/honest merchant.

NordWolfe watch Logan's review on the Xstar and gtx 460 is for everything low no AA on demanding games

My 660 oem is a slightly cut down 660ti overclocked to perform like a stock 660ti. But dont worry about the system spec I am after if the 21:9 is worth it because i have seen them in stores and they are really cool but never played games on them. 

I know it's not ideal...His 660 is, however, far more powerful then the 460. Ideally 770/780/Titan…That is what I’m using (780s in SLI, and Titans in SLI). Nevertheless, the 660 is what he has. It is a very capable card, he can buy the monitor…Then if the card can’t run it properly he can upgrade, or go SLI (660s, and 660Tis, are very cheap at the moment).
Sure the ideal solution would be a 780…I agree.