Molex to 6 pin?

so i want to get the xfx double D 7850 and i have a xfx 450 powersupply. my issue is my Psu only has 1 6 pin and that card requires 2. i have 3 open molex on my rig and i want to know if its saft to get a molex to 6pin. i would really like to not have to buy another Psu. i heard they put out the same power as a 6 pin, just diffrent kind of addaptor. i also see that some Gpu come with the addaptor, so i want to know it its safe.

What i got

what i want


Might want to word the title question, molex to pci express or something, the pin consufed two of us haha

I dont think it is safe to run 2 7850s on a 450 watt power supply. You could go with one 7870 though. it wont be as strong but you will save a lot of money and you wont have to upgrade your power supply. 

correct. you want at leat 750w

he's running one card that requires 2 connectors....

should be just fine



he should be fine? 2 7850s will stress and ruin is 450 watt


i want to run 1 7850 but i only have 1, 6 pin the card i want wants 2 ,6 pins.

is it safe to have the addator i listed to be my second 6 pin 

with one 7850 that adapter should be safe.

i use an adapter for my 4890


Its completely safe, just not recommended. Can limit the overclocking potential.

i do not plan on overclocking yet and if i do i will get a new Psu

could have sworn i answered this....

a 4 pin supports 110 watts @ 12v, so it would be fine to use a 4 pin to 6 pin addapter