Modular PCs...the future of Gaming?

Hey all,

I was browsing youtube and came across something Razer is working on called "Project Christine". It's a fully modular PC concept. My question is, how do you think this will affect PC gaming, manufacturing of components and the future of PCs? Ultimately, is this a potential leap forward for computers in general or could it breed even more ignorance (ie apple fan boys) when it comes to the knowledge you gain when working on/with them?

Here's a link to an interview with the CEO of Razer on Project Christine.



This is really old and it most likely won't go anywhere. It would be hopelessly proprietary and impossible to actually service anything yourself.

Plus I don't really get the point. Most PCs are pretty modular now...

I honestly dont see any point to it objectively. Putting in CPU's, GPU's, Sata Devices, or any other PCIE cards are easy. The only thing, objectively speaking that would be really good about it is the lack of cable management, but even at that, when i built my first PC i took no time trying to manage my cables and it came out nearly flawless.

Plus it's all going to be horrible proprietary crap that's sure to be more expensive than just straight up building your own PC.

Yeah. I was just speaking on the very lacking positive side of it. Its just highly unneeded at this point to "revolutionize" how desktops are. 

I kinda liked the integrated liquid mineral cooling concept. Beats having an 'aquarium' setup.

That's kinda the point with fully don't have to service pull the bad part out, you put the new part in. I personally like tinkering with my rig, but I can't help but wonder how easy this 'could' make my gaming experience.

I did also beats running tubes throughout your pc and buying new adapters every time you buy a new component.

Well not everyone is as computer savvy as you or I. Most people I talk to are completely oblivious when it comes to computers. This could 'potentially' bring more people over to the PC community who would, otherwise, be too intimidated by anything other than consoles and their hp craptops.

Not that much farther than replacing a graphics card today.

You pull the old graphics card out.

You put the new graphics card in.

It may be for the minority who has money to bathe in.


Building a computer is pretty easy. You could change a GPU in a matter of minutes and be up and ready to go. I really don't see this as particularly worth the few minutes it would save, especially for the price they'd charge. 

well how i see it most people give up at the researching parts part of the whole PC building. So, atleast in my eyes, people that dont build PC's now still wont be building PC's or they will buy parts that really dont go well together, get bad performance, get mad, and quit PC.

  I am of the opinion that many of us are like the guys that work on hot rods, It is not as much a hobby as it is a passion. Pull out the old carter carb and add in a high flow eddlebrock 650 double pumper= pull out 450 watt psu and add in an 850 to support an I7 with 2-way SLI GTX 780's

add some classic 15" craiger mags= LED Fans

High capacity radiator tor awesome cooling= add in high capacity radiator for awesome cooling.

Just like that guy, We get a sense of pride of our builds. imagine if they started making modular engine parts (they cant) the hobby would disappear and there would be fewer car savvy people in the world.

further, that thing looks like it isn't that durable, that is an automatic hex in my book. I use my desktop for wedding gigs, and I would hate those modules being exposed. much safer in a box.

This is true in general we know more about building PC than the general computer public, but i give you this is case for hope.

My brother is hopeless with technology, He still has not worked out how to connect the scart lead from the PS2 to the TV and at this stage never will. Yet a few months ago I come downstairs to say hi and to my complete shock and awe he is holding his graphics card in his hands. I instantly jumped to "What the hell are you doing?!?" and I simply got back "Cleaning the dust out." I was incredibly surprised first that he would think to clean the dust out every now and then but secondly because he knew how to take the graphics card out safely and put it back and reconnect the power cables. Can't figure out scart but can take apart his computer.

There is hope out there. This sleek and beautiful monstrosity would only server to further remove the user from the physical aspect of the computer and give them the sense that they know hardware. There is a sweet spot where users know just enough about hardware to royally screw things up and this is aimed at that spot.

Mind you i only read half the comments (lazy ATM). But other than this looking really cool its Kind of pointless. As others said a PC is already "Modular" just a different look. I feel this would just make the blind, go def too. Imagine what it would be like trying to explain something to someone who ONLY knows how to put one of these together and thinks of himself as a "Computer builder" It would be worse than Apple vs Android.

It would be for the Alienware buyers and people who generally get off on 1uping their mate buy spending x amount more than they did on their pc just for bragging rights. "oh whats that you air cool your system? haha i have modular quick disconnect oil cooling... bow to my superiority"


Just by looking at the thing I don't see how they can get the thing to be that sturdy... I mean heavy power supplies would make that thing flex so damn hard! I love hardware okay? But this would probably ruin it. I mean just yesterday I talked to my friend and ranted for an hour about the TitanZ and the 880M

If I had money to bathe in I would not buy a modular pc like this, but instead do something like this.

Hm, I'm not so sure about modular computers. Given at the moment, computers are modular, however the difference been the aesthetics.

It would only really appeal to those that don't currently build systems. So I reckon it is a niche and won't find much of a foothold in the open market.