Modular GPUs?

I'd love to mix and match graphics processors and memory on a graphics PCB.

your talking like a motherboard type thing with Memory DIMMs and a socket that you drop the GPU?

I have also thought about this topic as well.

Have always thought sometime in the future we will start seeing mother boards with CPU and GPU sockets and maybe shared RAM sockets.

Its not like it is impossible but i beleave however the R&D would be. Having so many types of mother boards and sockets, it be hard to test every single one of them to get everything right. But again its not impossible.

So yeh i totally agree with you but i think its allot simpler for Nvida and AMD to disgine complete cards because its much more effective. and also its a money making thing so that we are buying new cards for new reasons

But a customized GPU card would be a steer in the right direction and would change the way we build computers for ever.

Oh I know its possible, that his how a lot of laptop motherboards were/are, (not sure anymore). They were soldered onto the board however.  

Ive had this same thought for years.

Just take a dual CPU motherboard, and replace the second memory and CPU bus with one for a GPU. Buy GPU chips and GDDR5 ram sticks, and upgrade to your hearts content.

But this would also put a huge dent in every GPU seller out there. Companies like MSI, Sapphire, Gigabyte, would no longer be making GPUs. The chips would come straight from AMD/Nvidia.

That would also mean that both AMD and Intel would have to make 2 variants for every board. One for Nvidia GPUs, and one for AMD. 

Of course, AMD could refuse that, but there are tons of people that love Nvidia, and use an AMD CPU. So AMD sells would most likely suffer.

i've thought about it and always arrive at the same conclusion, whereas the bottom and top end chips on any cpu platform are not usually *too* far apart gpus will usually have their low power and extreme chips on what i would call the same platform, so the power delivery could be a big issue with people trying to put a 780ti in a board made for a 650, there's also that many different gpu's use different memory bandwidths (bus, bandwidth, something like that) that would need to be standardized before you could move to a socketed design, then there's just that the gpu's have a much faster development cycle, things come, go, and change fast so it would be harder to keep things standardized