Mods for Doom 3 BFG edition?

So I got Doom 3 BFG Edition recently and I'm playing through it.  I'm curious if there are any mods for Doom or Doom 2.  Obviously Doom 3 is known for having tons of mods and I've heard most don't work for the BFG Edition.  I'm not too worried about that for this playthrough but I'm curious if anything has been made for Doom 1 or 2, specifically any widescreen mods.  Now I will say I already have Doom 1 and 2 separately anyway, I'd just like it if I could play those games under the "BFG Roof" since it would make it easier to just start up one game and have 3 ready to play.

Just curious.  Anyone else like the BFG Edition or do you prefer the regular Doom 3?

BFG is horrible, it ruins the atmosphere Doom 3 was all about, I haven't played it enough to notice any level changes though, if they changed the obviously repetitive bits then it's redeemable. No there aren't mods for bfg edition.

Since you already have it, you also have the doom 1 and 2 wads, you can download Brutal Doom with zdoom, follow the instructions here - links in description.

And it's also easier to just make a shortcut of whatever game you play instead of starting bfg from steam. I'm not sure how you do that for zdoom though, you need to drag and drop the pk3 files on top of gzdoom (surely there is a solution but I didn't care about the 2 seconds I spend doing it)

Well I'm glad modding this to make Brutal Doom work isn't so difficult apparently.  I wasn't sure how easy modding it to work for my old Doom was going to be.  This'll be a frickin blast.  I also love the fact that they put in the Duke Nukem foot kick too.  Looks quite satisfying. :D

I dunno if you're gonna have time to use it, there's even more chaos and you won't have time to kick a shotgun zombie before he blasts you on ultra violence.

HOLY FRICKIN CRAP, I just played Brutal Doom for the first time, THIS is awesome!  Why couldn't it always have been this insane?!  This is how I'm playing through those games now.  No questions about it.

"normal" doom 3 is awsome for mods

tons of maps,mods and even graphical mods like the Wulfen texturepack and Sikkmod bring it to a 2011ish graphics level.

I actually like the new & improved version of Doom 3. While I admit, there isn't much change or improvements as far as graphics go, but the original doom 3 & resurection of evil were better on the pc than on an PS3  or an XBOX, ......................but....................

I have noticed the extra bits here and there (like those damn big ass spiders, much more of a pain this time, but in a fun way, and the lost mission is also a plus..


But come on I.D. I wolfenstein the new order for 2 reasons, 1, I'm addicted to Wolfenstien, and it also came with a key for the new Doom beta.....................for Gods sakes guys, release it already. The loyal but rabid fans, have waited long enough.....we wanna go back to Mars.

I'm hoping that the game is going to show just how it all went to crap for the Martians. I can even picture a scene where they find the portal on Earth, and translate a cryptic warning: "DON'T BE AS FOOLISH AS WE WERE, OR YOUR PLANET WILL BE AS DEAD AS OURS IS."